Frozen berries&fruits

Bekas SPE is a team who makes your business fruitfull

What we are proud of

Own Fields

We have almost 50 ha of raspberry, strawberry, black&red&white currant and much more. Having own production fields gives us an advantage of knowing the branch from inside-out.

Modern Facilities

Every kilogram of product is firstly visually inspected, then carefully frozen under low temperatures. After hand inspection or colour-sorting our products are packed into cartons or bags upon client’s desire. Individually Quick Freezing (IQF) or Deep-Freezing/Static Freezing.

Wide Range of Products

Working with us makes life of our client easier. You do not need to get different products from a bunch of traders anymore. BEKAS will supply you with the desired cultivated&wild berries, fruits and other products.

Fast delivery

After year-long experience we have optimized our logistic routes to provide flexible, reliable and fast delivering solutions.  We take care of customs clearance process to simplify export of the products for our clients.

What our customers say

I have been working with Bekas since we met on Anuga 2015. Reliable and professional partners.

― John, Germany

Bekas works customer-oriented: my order was packed in special bags and delivered within few days.

― Alexa, Belgium

50 ha

Of orchards in Volyn region, Ukraine

10 yrs

Of consistent and active work in agrobusiness

1500 t

Sales every year in and ouside the country

Still Searching for…

A producer with a wide range of fresh and frozen berries in Ukraine ?

A business partner who knows the market in Ukraine as well as in Europe?

About Us



Rankova 1A, Lutsk Ukraine +380500205720 bekas.supply@gmail.com